Hi. I’m Relic – Welcome to my online canvas.

I have 8 years experience in the creative field. Currently I am part of the marketing team for Hisense South Africa, as a Digital Project Manager and Designer. When I am not working at Hisense, I teach Ruko (Martial Arts). Ruko is my own business, where I do all the digital marketing, advertising, copy writing, graphic and digital design, video editing, photography, social media, etc. and of course teach martial arts!



Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Web and Digital Design, Photography, Videography, Video Editing, Finished Art, WordPress, Project Management, Photo Manipulation, Copywriting, HTML Coding, Digital Marketing, SEO, Paid Social Media Marketing, Google My Business, Google AdWords Express (Google Advertising), Google Analytics, Email Marketing, etc.


Work Experience:

  • December 2008 – January 2010: Freelance Web and Graphic Design.
  • January 2010 – January 2012: Graphic Designer and Finish Artist at Wizardz Print.
  • January 2012 –  October 2015: Midweight Designer and Photographer at Ramsay Media.
  • September 2014 – Current: Founder and Director of Ruko.
  • October 2015 – Current: Graphic Design and Digital Project Manager at Hisense South Africa.